Hire Purchase

FinanceUsing Hire Purchase allows you to keep your working capital intact, whilst at the same time allowing you to invest in plant, machinery, vehicles and other key assets.

With Hire Purchase agreements, you choose and use the goods, and then pay the finance company for them in instalments. All payments terms are flexible and we can tailor them to your cash flow. You can still claim depreciation allowances and offset interest payments against tax and reclaim VAT on the purchase price.


Use Finance Leases for tax efficient funding for tractor finance or agricultural equipment finance. Rentals can be charged against taxable profits, the ideal scenario when there are insufficient taxable profits to claim all available capital allowances, while capital outlay is kept low and VAT can be spread over the period of the lease. Finance Leases offer flexible funding that eases cash flow with the net proceeds from any resale of the goods paid back to the business at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease

Choose an Operating Lease as a cost effective way of purchasing high value assets.
The asset is essentially “rented” from the finance company with payments calculated based on an estimated residual value. This puts the residual risk on the finance company and keeps rentals relatively low. Operating Leases can be used to reduce monthly outgoings and provide off balance sheet finance.

Contract Hire

Choose Contract Hire to purchase plant and agricultural equipment with on-going service, repair and maintenance included. Contract Hire is the same as an operating lease in that it frees up cash flow, but with the added value of after-sales service, allowing the option of continued upkeep on your products without an increase in price.

Sale & Hp/Lease Back

Utilizing our experience and accessing specialist funders Dawner Asset Finance can offer retrospective funding of pre-purchased assets for capital raising purposes. Clients can decide which model to structure their agricultural scheme around, either on a Hire Purchase or Finance Lease basis.


Unsecured Loans can be arranged for a range of purposes including new sheds, stock, quota & property extensions subject to the provision of recent invoices and access to your accounting information. A quick and easy way to raise short/medium term finance, without having to tie up assets